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Yoga is not about touching your toes, its about touching each others hearts!












12:30-1:30pm HOT Power Yoga w/Jack 

2-3:30pm Beginner Yoga w/Peggy 

NO 4pm class



Monday 5:30-6:45pm Vinyasa Flow with Erin! 


West Location

Join us each Friday night 6:30-8pm at just $7 for a Drop In! Christina teaches a fun & blissful Candlielit Yoga practice including a guided meditation!

Barefoot Studio West Little Rock is now open! Two beautiful spacious locations with almost 60 classes between both studios!

*Barefoot Studio Riverdale

3515 Old Cantrell Road

*Barefoot Studio West Little Rock

8501 Pinnacle Valley Road

You can now purchase classes online with access to both locations (almost 60 classes)!

If you have not received your login info please email If you have never been to the studio & are new~you can create your own account at 

MindBody Online

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$15 Drop In

$60 for 5 Classes (expire in 2 Months)

$100 for 10 Classes (expire in 4 Months)

$75 Month Unlimted

$360 for 6 Months Unlimited (this is a discounted rate)

$720 for One Year Unlimited (this is a discounted rate)

*Mommy & Me Yoga at West Location: Its included in your class package for west location. Second child is $7. Maximum two kiddos per parent/guardian.

'Check In' on Facebook and receive 20% off ANY regularly priced package or monthly! Find us on Facebook: Barefoot Studio *Show us on your smart phone as you check in at the front desk for class!


Bryce Workshop with Dice Iida-Klein & Briohny Smyth

May 30-June 1

Full Weekend $199
Per Session $70

Friday, May 30

Bryce Yoga's Signature Inverted Flow Practice

* All forms of the asana practice are variations of moving meditation.  Using elements of vinyasa flow, paired with arm balances and inversions, we link our breath with movement giving ourselves acute focus on the present moment and freeing ourselves from distractions of the past and future. Join Dice and Bri in this fun but challenging flow class where you will use your breath, mind and body to flow through surya namaskars, strong standing postures, arm balances and inversions, backbends, twists and seated folds. Yogis should expect to sweat, work hard, learn a few things and more importantly, feel good while enjoying their practice. All levels welcome!

Saturday, May 31
Upside Down to Rightside Up & Vice Versa

*Transitions are a part of life. They give us the space and freedom to venture outside the box. We experience transitions in relationships, work and our yoga practice. Knowing where to begin and where to end is only half of the process. The journey to get from one end to the other is just as important. Understanding the elements of what’s in between point A and point B can be quite challenging, but the benefits always outweigh the hard work. Come and shift your perspective, moving from one posture to another and discovering the power of the movements in between. Students will strengthen their body awareness and have fun linking advanced poses within the flow. All levels are welcome but expect to work hard and have fun doing it.

Sunday, June 1

*Press On: Elements of the Press This workshop is all about the PRESS! Learning to hold handstand or headstand is hard, but learning to enter handstand and headstand using minimal or no momentum is even more challenging. Yogis will learn to use props like blankets and blocks to help enter their inversions in a smooth and controlled manner. Press on yogis!

*Bend Your Inversion-Inverted Backbends Come explore the never-ending possibilities of the Inverted Yoga Practice and break the mold, change your perspective on inversions in your practice. Covering the foundational elements for postures like Handstand and Forearm balance, we will build confidence and strength in the shoulders, chest and abdominals. Through floor and standing backbends we will open the upper back, chest and shoulders, as well as the quadriceps and hamstrings. All to strengthen the low back and open our front body for advanced inverted backbends like Scorpion, Hollowback Scorpion, and other advanced backbends both inverted and from the floor.





Every Thursday join us 4-5pm! No need to register, just show up a few minutes before your first class~join anytime! $15 per class, 5 classes for $60 (expires in 2 months) or 10 classes for $100 (expires in 4 months).



Every Thursday join us 11-11:45am with your kiddo! Moms, Dads, guardians all welcome. Ages infant-3yr old. Maximum two children per one adult. Class is included in regular class packages, and 2nd child is $7. 

News / Press
Bryce Workshop WEST
Bryce Workshop WEST
May 30 - June 1

“I just started taking yoga a few months ago. Breezy has made me want to continue for a lifetime. She is such a great instructor, She always looks out for your safety. Her studio feels calm and warm, you do not want to leave it. I have made many life changing decisions since starting her classes. I am so happy to be a part of Barefoot, It has made me a better person in a short time. I look forward to many more transformations in my life. I can't thank her enough for sharing her knowledge of Yoga with me. She is an inspiration. I could only hope to have more people like her come into my life.”
Michael Davis, student






Barefoot Studio is proud to carry Anne Pressly’s Making Memories book. A scholarship foundation has been set up to reward outstanding future journalists. All proceeds from the sale of the book will benefit that fund.