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Whether you are brand new to yoga or you've been doing yoga in your living room for years, if you've never been to Barefoot Studio we invite you to come check out our dozens of different class levels, styles, and teachers for a full 7 consecutive days of unlimited yoga for free. Barefoot Studio offers over 35 classes per week with 16 wonderfully different teachers and we want you to be able to experience as many as you would like for your first week. 

What do I need for classes?
A yoga mat is really the only "Must-Have" for a yoga class. We offer Yoga Mats for sale in our lobby for under $20. You may find that additional yoga props help you with the practice as well. We offer Yoga Blocks, Blankets, and Yoga Straps for sale in our lobby as well. Barefoot is not currently lending any community mats or props for classes. 
 Click the "New Account" button below and fill out your info and click submit. After you've created your account you can login through the schedule page and "Purchase" the first week free, and then you can register for unlimited classes for 7 consecutive days! 

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