Barefoot Studio Voted Best Yoga Studio

"Best of the Metro" -Sync Weekly 12', 13', 14' 15'

"Best of the Best" - Ar Dem-Gaz 2013 - 2018

"Best of Arkansas" - AY Magazine 13', 15', 17', 18'

"Best of Arkansas" - Arkansas Life 16', 17', 18'


"Soiree Recommends" - Soiree Magazine 13', 14', 16', 17'

"Best of the Best" - Arkansas Times 2012 - 2018

"Best Yoga Studio" - Natural Awakenings 2013, 2014



Barefoot Studio Named in Top 5 Fitness Classes


Soiree Magazine has named Barefoot Studio's Hot Yoga classes as one of the top five fitness classes in Little Rock for 2016! Story here.


Breezy & Barefoot Studio Featured in Local. Magazine


Local. Magazine feature story with Barefoot Studio Owner / Teacher, on the origins of the Studio and her personal yoga journey. Story here.


Breezy & Riley Featured in Savvy Kids 


Savvy Kids Magazine featured Barefoot owner / teacher Breezy and her daughter Riley for an article about Mommy & Me and Kids Yoga programs. Story here.


Breezy Osborne Honored as Top 40 under 40 


Barefoot owner / teacher was honored by Arkansas Business Magazine as one of their "Top 40 under 40".

Story here.



Breezy Osborne Featured in Soiree


Barefoot Studio owner / teacher featured in Soiree' Magazine. Story here.


David Shropeshire Featured in Ar Dem-Gaz


Barefoot Studio teacher David Shropshire shows off his new Pimitive Movement style in the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette. Story here.


Breezy Osborne Featured in Sync 


Barefoot Studio owner Breezy Osborne-Wingfield featured on the cover of Sync Weekly Story here.