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Private Yoga Lessons Arkansas


April Golden Private Yoga Lessons Little Rock

Why private yoga? 

Private yoga lessons at Barefoot Studio are a great place to
start for those who are new to yoga and also those who are
seasoned yogis. Each private lesson is tailored to your
goals, needs, and body.

Private lessons are scheduled around your busy life, and
the one-on-one atmosphere is a great way to learn more
and ask as many questions as you want.

In private yoga instruction you’ll have the opportunity to
learn the right modifications of traditional yoga postures
for your unique body. A Barefoot Studio teacher can help
assess your habitual movement patterns and make
small—but significant—form suggestions to keep your yoga
practice sustainable. In a group setting teachers try to help
everyone the best they can, but depending on the size and
style of the class, it is not always possible for a teacher to
give detailed instruction for an individual yogi. Learning to
support your specific body while practicing the physical
postures of yoga asana is super important, not just because
it can save us from injury, but even for the most skilled
yogis, body awareness can open our bodies up to new

Private yoga lessons are also a wonderful way for more
experienced yogis to learn a new skill or pose. Maybe you
want to learn to safely prepare and execute an arm balance
or inversion? Private sessions can help refine those skills.

If you'd like to learn more about private yoga lessons at
Barefoot, please fill out the form below and we'll get back
to you shortly.

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