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Barefoot Studio Policies / Handbook

Barefoot teachers are not required to do anything other than to log their clients into MBO and to teach their class -  But, teachers are required to leave the workspace in at least the same shape you found it - hot yoga classes do need to be mopped after class (more below).  In order for us to continue to pay you as 1099 we aren't allowed to set any rules other than those that protect the business/location. If you want to sweep, mop, clean the bathrooms, you are always welcome to...all the tools for cleaning are located at the studio in lobby closet and/or under women’s sink.


**The landlord & Secretary of Loca Luna and Red Door (which is the Barefoot landlord) use our two bathrooms as their offices are located behind the locked hallway door. If you haven’t heard them come into the studio before now - be prepared that if you hear something in that direction that is usually who it is.


It is HIGHLY recommended to maintain personal insurance per teacher. Barefoot uses Hiscox Insurance.


Working the Front Desk / Student Sign In:


A great way for teachers to get to know the students is when the student's check-in at the front desk. Use this time to ask questions such as: How are you feeling today? How is your body feeling today? If this is their first time, ask them to sign the digital waiver (tablet) and when they return it, you can help them get settled. Keep in mind you will stay at the front desk and not leave the lobby during this time...these are some suggestions on how to guide a new student: “We ask that you leave your shoes in the lobby. If you’d like to take your personal items with you there are cubby holes in this studio (as in the larger studio).  Please make sure your phone is OFF Vibrate as we can feel it in the room. The restrooms are on the left side of this hallway. ALWAYS GIVE THEM A HEADS UP about the step UP into the big room.”


Do your best to enter people into MBO as they sign the sign-in on the sheet (before class). This way, if they owe for a class they will be able to reconcile it right then & there’s not chasing after class to find the student. It is a GREAT way to get to know their name - maybe ask how to spell their last name as they are signing in. A way to gently ask is: What kind of package would you like to get today? Would you like a drop in? (unless you know what they usually purchase). Not everyone keeps up with their account and we, as teachers, need to be sure to communicate it to them, otherwise, they will end up owing.


If there is a question about an account and the student is adamant about not paying, allow them to take the class and let them know that once you contact me or Tristan we will look into the issue.  Since we allow new clients to create their own account online and via our MBO app, we end up with duplicate accounts sometimes and that is usually the reason for discrepancies. If you DO notice someone has two accounts...sign BOTH accounts into your class. You will then see which account is paid up/active...then contact me & I will reconcile the issue.


Every person needs a separate account. We do not share packages nor add a family member. If you notice that that is what someone has created just let me know and I will reconcile it.


Another reason to sign in students into MBO as they sign the sign-in sheet is to make sure they have a waiver on file. If a student is in our system, then we have a waiver on file for them.


All prices are as is in the system - ALL discounts are already applied to options in the Retail section of MBO. If someone is getting the 20% off discount, there is already an option in the computer for that. Do not manually adjust any price in the computer. For example, the 3 Month and 6 Month Packages are already at a 20% off discounted rate for everyone.


20% off Applicable to:

Active and Retired Military (ask to see badge)

Any area hospital employee (ask to see badge)

Breast Cancer Survivor

Checking-in to Social Media (NOT Liking a page, but showing you their phone that they checked into a location on their Social media)


Digital Waivers


The new system is tablet-based and will allow students to fill out and sign their waiver via the tablets at the front desk. They will be using the Mind Body Online waiver system so all of their info will be directly available on the MBO system once they click submit from the tablet. You are still responsible for signing them into your class and giving them their first week free. We’ve tested the system and it only takes around 2 seconds from the time they hit submit on the tablet until MBO has all their info in the system.


If you ever need to verify that a person does, in fact, have a waiver on file, simply click on their name, in the sign-in screen for a class or type their name into the “search for client” box on the upper left of MBO and once their account is pulled up you can click on the “documents” link and if they have signed a waiver it will show up there. The file will say something along the lines of Heal code-liability-waiver and will even have the date that the waiver was signed.


It’s safe to assume that if a person has an account in MBO that they have in fact signed a waiver, including those with green stars next to their name. But if there is any doubt ask them to sign again, if MBO already has an email for that person it will not allow it to be used a second time and then you can just search MBO for that email and find their account.




Barefoot is allocated three parking spaces that are up against the small room side of the building. Our students are also allowed to park in the lower lot behind the studio in the TJ Rainey (brick) building (off Mart Drive). 


Door Locking Policy / Procedure


Lock the door before you walk in to teach your class/before you leave the lobby to use the restroom before class. If the door is unlocked there should be someone/teacher in the lobby at all times. Teachers are not obligated to open the door for students arriving late to class.


Payscale & Various Class Policies:


60 Minute Class - $30

60+ Minute Class - $35

Client Bonus - For each student over the first 15 students in your class we will add a $1 bonus to your bi-weekly check.  Free classes do not include any bonus pay. (ie: your one-hour yoga class had 27 students. we would owe you $30 for the class, and $12 for the client bonus.)


Regardless of how many people show up, we will pay you for the classes you teach.


Paychecks will be distributed on the 1st and the 15th of each month. They will be left in your folder at Barefoot Studio. Your folder is located in the folder stand under the front desk. They are generally dropped off before 1 pm.


Barefoot Studio Teachers with a regularly scheduled class are able to take unlimited classes at the studio.


Substitute teachers are given free classes based on how often they sub at the studio on a 1 to 1 basis: Sub 1 Class and a free class will be added to your Barefoot acct.


Current classes on the schedule will have 4 Weeks beginning to maintain attendance of 5 or more in class. Within a 4 week time period, if a current class on the schedule drops below 5 in consecutive attendance, we will schedule a meeting with the teacher to reassess. When a new class is added to the schedule there will be a 6 week time period to build attendance - if the class is consecutively below 5 in attendance we will schedule a meeting to reassess.


Kids are not to be left unattended in the lobby nor in a spare studio room without an adult present. Kids under the age 13 must be accompanied by an adult in class - so the parent/adult and child will each need to pay for their class session separately (class packages are not shared). Child will need his/her own waiver signed by the guardian/adult. Teacher has the right to ask child and adult to step outside of class if there is any disruption. HOT Yoga students MUST be 18 years of age or older. No exceptions. If one cannot sign the waiver for him/herself one cannot participate in hot yoga.


Cell Phones in class: Remind students to turn OFF Vibrate on the phone as it can be felt throughout the floor and room. Students must take care of their phone business in the lobby outside of the class.


AC UNITS/HEATERS: All the thermostats in the studio are smart/wifi based thermostats that run on a schedule. IF you need to change the units to make the room warmer or cooler, please make sure you text Breezy or Tristan after your class so they can set the heaters back on their normal daily schedule.


The promotion of other businesses, specifically yoga businesses, in class is prohibited. If asked by a student where else a teacher teaches they can be directed to the teacher’s social media site or contact information to access that information. This is in respect for fellow Barefoot teachers and their Barefoot classes.


Be clear and concise in language used when teaching. In addition to offering modifications or alternate options, be sure to demonstrate to the students the options being offered as we received feedback that not all options are understood nor have been practiced before by certain students.


If music is used it should be appropriate and censored with appropriate language and complementary volume - adjust for different parts of the practice such as savasana. A suggestion for beginner students is no music or music without words as it is challenging to understand terms, body awareness, and cues to someone that has never practiced yoga.


Ask for permission before adjusting or touch a student - if asking a person permission, approach student from the front of their body to make eye contact when asking permission (example - do not approach someone from behind in Triangle or downward dog). If asking as a whole - give them the option in Childs Pose to give a thumbs up, or if paper is used they can draw a star on the paper to keep at the top of their mat so that you know whether adjusting or therapeutic touch is appropriate.


Ask for injuries or possible pregnancies BEFORE class. If asking the class as a whole - give the option for them to signal you as you walk around throughout the class as not everyone will offer up information publically. Checking-in at the front desk is a great conversation opener to get to know their name and also ask how they’re feeling, how their body is today.


Hold the space - The tone is set the moment you walk into the room. Be mindful they will feed off of your energy.


They have their own experience vs how to be compassionate - Emotions are very natural in a yoga practice and the practice is about being with that emotion/feeling. Use your best judgment to let them be or if the experience needs assistance or compassion from the teacher. 


We've seen a rash of photos popping up on social media of people doing inversions very near and even using the mirrors in either studio as their wall. Please do not let people do this, mirrors are made of glass, and the mirrors in the studio are VERY thin glass. 


Private Lessons: If you lead a private lesson at Barefoot Studio there is a 70/30 split on whatever you charge for the lesson. (30% to Barefoot). Also, you MUST verify times with Breezy before booking any private lessons as we have several private lessons that happen at the studio throughout the week and a room isn't always available.


No Shows / Missing Your Scheduled Class:

It is the teacher's responsibility to teach the class he or she has been assigned to teach or substitute. If a class has been subbed out, that class is now the responsibility of the substitute teacher, and if it also needs to be subbed out (again) then it is up to the substitute to locate a new teacher for that class.  If a teacher or substitute does not show up to teach the assigned class that is considered the only warning. If it happens a second time the teacher will be removed from the class and a new teacher will be assigned to teach the class henceforward and the teacher will be removed from the sub list. If it is a substitute, the sub will be removed from the Barefoot Studio sublist.


Substitute Teachers:


In the event that you need to get a substitute for one of your classes the easiest way to find someone is by using the online form under the “Teacher Info” button at the bottom of the “Teachers Page” on There you will find the most up-to-date teacher list as well as Sub Request Form that you can fill out and submit, which will automatically email everyone on the Teacher List. Once you have a sub confirmed please contact Breezy so she can update the schedule. You can also update the schedule yourself by going into MBO and checking the box next to the teacher's name and then scrolling to find the subs name (please make sure you are on the correct date and time for the class that is being subbed!) Once you accept subbing for someone that class is yours, if you then need a sub it’s your responsibility to cover that class. If you are teaching you should have a studio key - always let us know if you do not have a key, and you should understand how to use the MBO system.


Our subs list is comprised of Barefoot Studio teachers and those that we’ve added to the list. We don’t usually allow people outside the list to sub since not everyone knows our MBO system and studio policies. We are always looking for more people to be on the sub list as it helps ensure that our teachers are easily able to take time off when they need to. If you know someone who would like to be on the sub list have them contact Breezy.


Opening Duties:


  • Turn on lights in the lobby, hallway and both bathrooms. (You can choose the brightness via the dimmer


  • If teaching a hot yoga class set your room up for the heated class by turning on your thermostat(s) to the desired temp (90°F) and set up and turn on your floor heaters. Floor heater settings should never change, setting 3, fan on max.


  • If you see props out of place, please place them on the shelves where they belong. This will make the room clean for all of your clients.


  • Barefoot provides toiletries for all of our students if you notice toilet paper or paper towels are low you are welcome to replenish them. Extra TP/Paper Towels are located under the women’s sink/counter or in the closet of the big studio room.


Closing Duties:


  • Clean up after your class. This includes placing props back in their place on the shelves. If there are wet mats or cleaned blocks those can be left on the floor or on the drying rack in the big room.


  • Blow out candles if they are used. If this is challenging to remember - write yourself a note. This sounds crazy but my reminders are stuffed in my sports bra because I feel it Lol.​


  • Unplug any floor heaters and humidifiers.


  • Turn Stereo off.


  • Plug charge cables into all tablets and set them in the rack.


  • If you lead a hot yoga class please do a quick mop with the floor cleaner in the lobby closet and use the Swiffer with a towel attached to it. This will ensure the class is cleaned up as that is the way the room began earlier before class.


  • Turn off both bathrooms lights, hallway lights.


  • Turn off lobby lights.


  • Lock BOTH bottom lock and deadbolt on the front door.


Clocking In:


  • You can clock in from anywhere that has internet access, including your smartphone.



  • Click on the link in the menu that says “Teachers”


  • Scroll to the bottom of the teacher's page and look for the “Teacher Login” Button.


  • Fill the form out entirely.


  • Click submit.


  • The page will display a short Thank You message and you are all set!


  • Classes clocked in are the classes that will be on the round of payroll.






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