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200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training

2019 Enrollment Starting Soon!

When I stumbled upon yoga in 1998, I knew that this was something much greater that I had ever imagined, and it lit a fire in my soul to begin sharing it with others. We come together from different histories and meet on the mat to find that inner peace, with compassion and gratitude.



The idea is to promote self-practice and self-responsibility, to offer a tool for reconnecting. This is the place where yoga truly begins in each of our own individual lives. Yoga helps us RISE to the challenge of living. We each teach from a place a truth and open-mindedness, creating a safe place for self-exploration.


Breezy Osborne 

Owner of Barefoot Studio and Rise Yoga Academy

200 E-RYT



  • Whether you are an aspiring student seeking a deeper knowledge of yoga practice, or already a teacher, our 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training will take both your personal development and skills as a facilitator to new heights.


  • Helps sharpen your communication skills including verbal cueing and pace, while you find your own voice and set the space of the practice.


  • Includes guidance and direction coaching from Breezy, who has been teaching for over 15 years.


  • Incorporates philosophical knowledge and modern reflective practices to support your own inner transformation.


  • Participants who have never been through a training will learn what is necessary to teach comprehensive, imaginative, foundational classes. Experienced teachers that already have training will refine their skills and clarify their teaching voice so that they can become the most authentic possible teacher.


  • Those who may never want to teach yoga will greatly benefit from the safe and inspired environment for process-based learning. Self-reflection and personal growth are at the heart of the experience.


  • Hands on assists, adjustments, anatomy, verbal cueing, meditation, ethics, philosophy, and authentic teaching styles.


  • Discovery of practicing in a way that balances you.


  • Comprehensive understanding of the business and ethics of yoga.


  • When the training ends, you will have the tools needed to bring the practice into life and help others do the same.

About Lead Teacher

Breezy Osborne-Wingfield


RiseYoga Academy:

Commitment / Cost:


  • Rise Yoga Academy will hold a 200RYT training every other year. The next training will occur in early 2019. 


  • Total Cost of the 200 Hour Teacher Training: $2000.00

         (plus the cost of required books. Under $60 total for all four books.)


  • Payment plans are available.

        (click here to see payment options)


  • Trainee's get access to special $45 per month unlimited packages @ Barefoot Studio during training.




I recently began practicing yoga at Barefoot Studio. My life and my body have been transformed. As a physician, I am impressed with Breezy’s extensive knowledge and understanding of human anatomy. She promotes proper alignment with an awareness of individual students needs. I can confidently recommend Breezy to my patients, friends, and family. - Dr. Justin Seale, Orthopedic Spine Surgeon


Breezy’s knowledge of yoga, kind attitude, and expert ability to construct a class has kept me going to her studio for 10+ years. Breezy offers stimulating and challenging classes, but always explains poses thoroughly and offers modifications if your body needs it. Yoga poses aren’t always natural for students to get into and Breezy has an angel’s touch to align you to a better pose. - Jan Zelnick


I stepped into my first yoga class about six years ago with zero expectations. Breezy happened to be the instructor. Six years later, Yoga now occupies a defining part of my life and Breezy still guides my practice weekly, mindfully emphasizing the journey over the destination. Her approach is balanced, foundation-focused, unforced, and nonjudgmental, and her classes are smartly-sequenced, informative, challenging, and safe. I’m forever grateful to Breezy and the Barefoot community for their dynamic contributions to my evolving practice. - Ricco Ardemagni


One of my favorite aspects of Breezy's teaching style is that no matter what level she's teaching, she always provides modifications for poses. Offering different options in this way serves to encourage rather than pressure which can mean the difference between challenging yourself & hurting yourself. Breezy's careful selection of words and impeccable timing allows her to convey complex concepts while providing seamless instruction that allows you to focus completely on your practice. It is apparent to me how much she has paid attention to the evolution of her own practice because it sometimes feels as though she's reading your mind when she says exactly what you needed to hear in a particular moment. She is never afraid to tell you about poses that she herself may have difficulty with, reminding us that all of our bodies are different so certain movements may be more challenging for some than for others. This openness creates a supportive environment where you can find comfort instead of judgement. Although Breezy has put so much time & effort into her teaching it comes across so naturally & genuinely; beautifully "combining effort with ease," to borrow a phrase she often uses in class. - Adrienne Bennett


Rise Yoga Academy is a Registered Yoga School at the 200 Hour Level with the Yoga Alliance. Yoga Alliance Registry is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that conducts credentialing of yoga teachers and yoga schools. For more info about the Yoga Alliance click here.

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